Three Facts – Reverse Air Con

Three facts on reverse air con units:
1) A reverse cycle air conditioner is at least 3 times more efficient when compared to an electric heater
2) It distributes the warm air evenly throughout the room rather than isolating it to only come from the freestanding heater.
3) Most importantly a reverse air con unit is safer for you and your home.
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Heat Management

The heat has taken it’s toll on our team this week. Extreme heat calls for 5am starts to help keep our boys out of the worst of it during the day. One of our teams view this morning at #sladepoint apparently it’s fishing weather!Resized_20190314_085838_12

USB Powerpoints

How many devices do you have that charge by USB? We are running a SPECIAL OFFER to swap out existing powerpoints to either a single or double USB powerpoint. A popular option is bedside powerpoints OR we can help you to create a ‘charging station’ in a central location within your home- you can have as many USB charging points, as you like, on 1 plate! Charging has never been easier. 190108092001001[229878].jpg